Are You REALLY Enjoying Labour Day…?

Labour Day is here…yay?

As the weekend approaches, people all over the world rejoice at getting a “long” weekend. The smarter ones have taken the 30th off so that they can enjoy a full 4 days of undisturbed rest and relaxation.

However, this applies to only regular 9 – 5 (or whatever office hours there are these days) employees.

As an entrepreneur, the entire outlook is flipped on its head, crumpled into a ball and tossed down the drain. The usual reply you would get from an entrepreneur when people mention a holiday is, “Oh, so everybody will be free to meet and discuss the business.” Or “Yeah, we’re going to launch a promo then so we’ll be up all night.”

It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, but you already knew that.

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs, but it’s widely agreed that those who do go that route conform to certain personality types. They…

1. Want freedom at work

Freedom to decide how they want the job to get done, how it should look. Basically they want to have their input in whatever job you assign to them.

2. Stick their fingers in everything

EVERYTHING. If it’s an app, they’re involved in the development, the design, AND the marketing. If it’s a product, they sell it, they improve it, they stay up all night to plot out how it’s going to infiltrate the market and grow. 

3. Want the work to MEAN something

They don’t work for the money (at least it’s not the main reason) they do it because they want to give back to society, want to build something original, want to realize the vision they have in their head.

4. Are insanely competitive

They want to be the BEST, they want to EXCEED expectations, they want to be GREAT. If they’re not, you can be damn sure they’re working their way up there.

Nothing in those 4 points indicate a need for rest days. Instead, overtime is a daily occurence to entrepreneurs. They’ll kick back and rest when they die, or get old and slow down…or burn out. After all, despite the overwhelming amount of passion and energy, they are still human and sometimes (most times) passion is not enough to keep a business going.

At the end of the day, the best way…

There are ways to alleviate the stress and exhaustion, but at the end the best way is to go into things prepared for the long haul. Don’t expect the business to take off in a year like it seems every other business is on the news. Be clear that for the next 3 – 5 years of your life you will be virtually eating, drinking and sleeping your business.

Late night calls to clients because they’re in a different timezone? ✓

Staying in office 2 days straight to fix problems/complete paperwork? ✓

Flying to different countries consecutively – screwing up your biological clock in the process – to pitch to potential clients/support events/attend seminars? ✓

For the first few years, you won’t be able to go on a vacation without constantly checking in on how things are going back home. The saying that a business is like a baby is so true – if you leave it alone for even a short period of time, it will die.

Thus, if you’re looking to go into entrepreneuring…be prepared to reply “So what?” when somebody tells you it’s a holiday.