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It’s called many things: A rat race. A dead end. It’s the struggle to balance need and want. The job you hate but pays the bills against your true interests. Many of us are trapped between the scales and don’t know how to get out.

We blame the market, bad luck, our “lot in life”.

The truth is that your financial success has nothing to do with the economy or your working income. The root of the problem is internal not external.

We all have an internal money blueprint that determines if we’ll be struggling our entire lives to scrape by or if we attract wealth to ourselves.

Your situation won’t change until you’ve changed your money blueprint.

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  • Entrepreneurhood: What Does Work-life Balance Actually Mean? May 2, 2018 - According to Google, work-life balance is "the division of one's time and focus between working and family or leisure activities". A lot of people have said that they're either doing too much work, or there's not enough free time for "me time". They're also the same bunch of people who complain about doing overtime, not being paid enough, and how working 8-9 hours a day is seriously "cramping their style". But that's not the people we're focusing on. We're focusing on the people who're starting (or looking to start) their own business. We're focusing on the people whom the internet has collectively swept under the umbrella of "entrepreneurs". Is it possible for an entrepreneur to have work-life balance? If you were to ask an entrepreneur if they felt that they were working too hard, you'd get a mixed bag of yesses and nos. Some of them will tell you that they're doing what they're passionate in, and that's why even when it's hard, it's never too hard, because to them, it's worth it. Some of them will tell you how this is still what they're passionate in, but it gets really exhausting ... Continue Reading

What You Will Learn

Reset your financial thermostat

Everybody has unconscious conditioning about money. People are programmed for success, mediocrity or failure. Reprogram your money blueprint and allow yourself to fulfil your full potential.

Grow your wealth

Are you earning as much as you really can? What is the right amount to save and invest? Manage your money with the methods in this course and get the best results with the least effort. 

Achieve financial freedom

Money isn’t the end goal - it’s how to free yourself and allow you to do what you really want to do. The goal of your goals should be to grow yourself as a person both personally and financially.

Build your self worth

Net worth grows self worth. The true measure of wealth is net worth, not working income. Success is not a ‘what’. Success is a ‘who’. Decide how much you should be worth and grow to reach it.

Who Should Attend

Future Trainers

You want to share your experience and knowledge to the a price you deserve.

Develop your public speaking and money managing skills and you might soon be one of our trainers!

Small Business Owners

You are focused on driving sales, attaining customers, and learning to balance a positive budget.

Learn our easy-to-use money management tool to maximize and multiply your revenue.

Unsatisfied employees

You’re not happy at your job but it pays the bills. You’re scrimping and saving for your retirement...but it’s a long ways away.

Learn how to invest in yourself and break out of the rut you’re in.

Aspiring Achievers

You’re doing what you like and you’re almost where you want to be...but you’re not earning enough from it.

Sometimes you have to take time out to do other work to pay the bills. Don’t.

The Creator of Millionaire Mind Intensive

The man behind not just the Millionaire Mind Intensive but also the highly acclaimed Life Directions, Wizard Training, Train the Trainer and even the world-famous Enlightened Warrior Training course. T. Harv Eker is a thought leader in the field of financial literacy, having written international best-sellers Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth. 

He has been acknowledged by some of the world’s best speakers, businessmen and authors, amongst which are World #1 Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul series and Brian Tracy #1 New York Times bestselling author and Speaker.

He is known for “combining street-smarts with heart” in his training sessions and talks.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive Testimonial - Rosalind Grant

"MMI has changed our lives in many ways"

My entire family attended MMI in 2015 and we are so grateful to Richard Tan and Success Resources for bringing MMI to Singapore as it has changed our lives in many ways. We learnt so much and we are able to apply the skills learnt in many aspects of our lives, especially Money Management. My son is so focused after taking up Quantum Leap and he is now fully in charge of his life. Best Seminar ever!

- Rosalind Grant

Millionaire Mind Intensive Testimonial - Cyrus Tan

"This is a paradigm shift"

This is a paradigm shift from an average mindset to a wealthy mindset seminar. Besides that, I got to learn the strategy to manage money and condition my mind to be a millionaire. They have given us a lot of values and I strongly recommend this to everybody.

- Cyrus Tan

Millionaire Mind Intensive Testimonials - Tosh Albinda

"A community of like-minded people"

Attending MMI the first time last September with my wife made me realize that my mind was the reason why I am not achieving my goals and becoming the best person I can be. The JAR system helped a lot for me and my wife to plan and budget our money and become a good money manager.

- Tosh Albinda

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